3 Tips for Caring for Your Costume Jewelry

by Sumaris Jewelry August 15, 2017

If you own many different types of jewelry, you may or may not already be familiar with the care each piece requires. For example, sterling silver must be polished regularly and kept in a special jewelry box to prevent tarnishing. Gold jewelry and diamonds can be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or with a toothbrush and soap and water, while other gemstones need gentle care.

But how do you clean costume jewelry? When you decide to buy yourself or a loved one a handmade treasure, you’ll want to ensure it lasts - and that it looks great - for many years to come.

We have three tips for caring for and maintaining your costume jewelry:

1. Invest in a spacious jewelry box or chest! Storing your jewelry in a box made specifically for jewelry helps protect your beautiful trinkets from everyday household elements like dust, sunlight, and the dry air from heating units.

While we expose ourselves and our belongings to these harmless things on a regular basis, jewelry - with its fine details - can become lackluster and even discolored over time if it’s not stored properly.

Furthermore, a dedicated container will make sure your jewelry doesn’t get tangled. A jewelry box will do just fine, but you might want to invest in a chest to accommodate your growing collection!

2. Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth. Necklaces especially can be exposed to the luscious lotions, oils, and perfumes that you wear on your skin. Over time, these substances can stain or damage your jewelry.

Invest in a soft cloth made specifically for polishing jewelry or simply use an old, clean cotton t-shirt to wipe your costume jewelry, even if it doesn’t look dirty. Making this a habit will ensure that cosmetics won’t build up on your jewelry over time.

3. Consult the designer or jewelry maker about the materials in your jewelry. Truth be told, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to caring for jewelry. If you’re able to speak to the person who made the jewelry, he or she can tell you more about the materials and the specific care they require.

In fact, you may appreciate your costume jewelry even more once you learn about the effort that went into making it and the time it took to acquire the special materials.

Do you have any other tips for caring for your costume jewelry? Can you recommend any jewelry boxes or other products that have worked for you?

Sumaris Jewelry
Sumaris Jewelry


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