How to Use Colorful Costume Jewelry to Adjust Your Mood

by Sumaris Jewelry September 16, 2017

During the summer season, long days, warm temps, and abundant sunshine keep bad moods away! But now that fall is approaching, and the sun starts to set earlier in the evening, you may have to work a little harder to bring the sunshine to you.

You probably already know that a fleece blanket and hot chocolate can comfort you on cool nights, but what else can you do to put yourself in whatever mood you crave? Depending on the day, you might want to feel more confident, playful, or calm.

Did you know that deciding what to wear - and how to accessorize your outfit - can help you play a more active role in setting your mood? According to an article in Reader’s Digest, your clothing can make you feel powerful, it can inspire you to exercise with greater intensity, and it can make you smarter, among other things.

In addition, research also suggests that surrounding yourself with certain colors can help you enter various moods. According to this article, color psychology is a relatively new science, and the effect of color on mood is difficult to understand because different cultures assign meaning to color. However, there’s enough anecdotal evidence to demonstrate a correlation between color and mood.

Sumaris Jewelry celebrates color. In fact, we feel so strongly about the role of color in personal style that we encourage customers to shop our site by color first. Sure, you can fill your jewelry box with all the pieces you love, but maybe you want to experimenting with wearing accessories that can help you start your day the way you intend.

Below we list a few of the most powerful colors, how they can make you feel, and what jewelry you can wear to harness their energy.


Red can help you ignite passion, or it can help you feel brave. It represents intensity of emotion and strength. You can benefit from wearing red if you're facing a difficult situation or want to call love into your life. Lucky for you, Sumaris has an extensive selection of red jewelry. Some favorites include HEARTS IN RED and RED QUEEN.

Our HEARTS IN RED necklace is truly for those who want to be lucky in love -- it features both vintage and contemporary Lucite components, including bright red open hearts. Meanwhile, our RED QUEEN necklace is more ornate with vintage acrylic, Swarovski crystal, and other vintage jewelry findings.


Most people know that blue is meant to be a calming color - it’s both the color of the ocean and the sky. Did you know that darker shades of blue can also impart a feeling of security? Basically, the color blue is your safety blanket. When you want to feel comforted, drape your neck with ROYALTY or BLUE VELVET.

Both of these necklaces are a cool and gemmy cobalt blue. The ROYALTY necklace features vintage findings, reticulated quartz, freshwater pearls and vintage crystal. A vintage brooch, vintage lucite, and crystal make the BLUE VELVET beautiful.


Now that we’ve told you about red and blue, we can’t forget yellow! All three are primary colors. Yellow encourages openness and can make you seem more inviting. If you want to make new friends or break the ice at a networking event, you should consider wearing yellow. Yellow can also help you feel joyful and light. To channel the power of yellow, wear our AMONG THE FLOWERS necklace or DAISY, DAISY necklace.

Both of these one-of-a-kind pieces have floral themes. While the AMONG THE FLOWERS piece honors sunflowers with beads and a pretty bird brooch, the DAISY, DAISY necklace is extremely playful with acrylic findings.

What colors do you like to use for mood alteration?

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