November 07, 2017

Do you like shiny, sparkly things? You may be the person who impulsively buys the crystal-studded cell phone case or stops at every jewelry store window to ogle engagement rings. The people who know you best are used to it by now, but why do you do it? Where does this urge originate?

According to a recent blog post on JCK, academic research shows that people might be drawn to jewelry because the glossy sheen of gemstones and precious metal resembles water, and we, as humans, are drawn to water, our most basic need.

The researchers behind this study backed their hypothesis with an experiment: “Three sets of subjects were shown glossy objects. One was given salty crackers, another was given salty crackers with water, and the control group was not given anything at all. The results: The thirstier the subjects, the more they preferred glossy objects.”

Do you buy it? Intrigued by the question "why do people who like jewelry like it so much?", we set out to seek other reasons, and we found some interesting answers.

1. People like jewelry because they know it changes their mood - and therefore shifts the way they present themselves to the world. You’ve probably heard the saying “Dress for the job you want and not the job you have.”

When you wear certain clothing and accessories, you begin to inhabit the identity of a person who would dress that way. For example, if you wear a bright-red power suit, you may be trying to show the world that you’re a leader who means business. The concept is called “Enclothed Cognition,” and science supports it!

Similarly, all types of jewelry can help you step into an identity, if only a for a day. When you wear SUMARIS, you demonstrate to the world that you’re a woman with a specific point of view, and you’re not afraid to express your individuality.

2. People like color and light. What’s your favorite color? When you have a choice between buying something in your favorite shade - or not - do you often gravitate toward your favorite color?

According to this article in Psychology Today, “Our individual preference for a particular color... will be produced and reinforced by the positive feedback associated with the object and the color it has.” So if a color made you feel good in the past, you’ll continue choosing that color.

Lucky for color lovers: jewelry is full of color, in colored gemstones, beads, crystal, and even tones of gold. What’s a better way to keep our favorite colors close to you than to wear it? On the SUMARIS site, you can even shop by color, so you can put yourself in the position of getting more of what makes you happy.

3. People want to be reminded of something that’s important to them. According to this article from The Guardian, “Jewellery is weighted with meaning. It doesn't matter what it is, there is likely to be some sentimental or emotional reason you wear a particular thing.”

Even if the jewelry you wear wasn’t gifted to you by grandma or the love of your life, it probably reminds you of a specific time in your life or of the place where you bought it. When you look at that piece of jewelry, you feel connected to it, and it’s part of your story just as much as your memories are.

SUMARIS jewelry takes this concept to a new level because every piece is actually infused with an element from the past, whether it be a vintage designer brooch or repurposed crystal beads.

Why do you wear jewelry? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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